Spool Tracking System

i-TEK’s cloud and RFID based spool tracking system enables refineries, chemical plants, and various under construction industrial plants, to track the spools right from manufacturing stage up to erection.

Installation of spools is one of the integral parts of operation and any delays in spools availability on-site can add extra cost. To reduce time, efforts and cost, an efficient management mechanism for real-time spool tracking and monitoring is required. With IoT Gateway and Handheld device, i-TEK’s Spool Tracking platform allows spools to be automatically identified as they are shipped and received and updated into system without manual data entry.

Benefits of i-TEK’s Spool Tracking System

  • Productivity and traceability improvement.
  • Job tracking and availability of ‘real time’ data capture.
  • Better stock control.
  • Reducing the incidents and associated cost of sending incorrect products to site
Spool Tracking System