Residential Township

A Residential township needs to be a model of integrated development and a self-sustainable one. As far Township is concerned we have proposed our solutions to suit the needs of this vertical in order to have a secure environment for the people residing in the township.

Our RFID solutions for Township vertical are designed to provide state-of-the-art facilities, with secure environment for the residents to suit their way of life. We have proposed solutions covering all aspects that are designed in compliance to meet township standard.

Further our RFID solutions are automated to provide the required facilities with in the township, and makes sure the environment is secure. The same solution will be tailor made to meet different requirements with in the same township. We have proposed the use of LF, HF and UHF technologies to provide the necessary infrastructure as per the requirements of respective township.

With our Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) solution in place vehicles can be identified from distances up to 10 metres for fast and reliable identification even for robust environments. This system is proposed to facilitate true hands-free vehicle identification suited for Township model.