The requirements and ever increasing demands of the mining industry is its core competence towards safety and productivity. Our RFID-NFC technology is well tailored to meet these core standards of the mining industry, both on surface and underground. The technology has been extensively tested, and has proved to be:

Easy to use
Effective in its operation
Efficient in achieving the required results
Reliable in operation
Robust enough to withstand harsh and aggressive environments

The loading of the mineral on the tipper is recorded by the supervisor on field using the NFC mobile phone device. The route for the vehicle movement is also defined and tracked at various choke and critical points using RFID. The weighbridges are equipped with i-TEK 4rC300 controller with RFID reader and slip printers. The IT infrastructure, manpower and power requirements at the weighbridge is eliminated or reduced considerably upon deployment of the i-TEK solution. The vehicle, grade, route and weighment related data is uploaded to the centralized web application using GPRS interface for online tracking.

i-TEK solution has bagged the prestigious PCQuest Best Automation Project Award for 2011. Visit; for details.