Clients participation becomes the key for Banking sector, and our RFID solutions for banking vertical comes in an effort to provide a unique client experience that focuses on improving the relationship with their bankers. Our solutions are tailor made to meet the standards of the banking firm and to provide the best system in practice.

Our High Net worth Individual (HNI) Identification system helps bankers identify their potential customer and maintain a good relationship with them. The File tracking solution helps banking firms to tag each and every file, so that at the time of retrieval it becomes easy to track the file and its contents. Our RFID Banking solutions are proposed by use of Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) technology appropriately based on different requirements with in the same banking firm.

As a whole our solutions in banking covers all the aspects that a banking firm might like to have in place. Further our solution is provided to achieve effective CRM, People identification, countering counterfeiting, tracking and tracing, and as a whole establishing security in what-so-ever application is concerned.