Port / CFS / ICD

It is critical for a CFS / ICD to have an easy, safe and quick container locating and retrieval system. It is observed that valuable business hours are lost in searching a container lying in the open yard. The redundant movements within the yard further make it difficult to keep a track of the container location.

i-TEK solution uses reusable RFID tags with easy mountings for container identification. The RTGs and reach stackers are equipped with i-TEK 4rC200 controller with RFID reader and GPS module. Over a GPRS interface our solution facilitates tracking of the container location in real-time within the yard.

At Port terminal the QC and RTG cranes pick and mount the containers on the truck trailer for import and export movements. The challenge for the crane operator is to identify the BAT ID and do the corresponding operation.

i-TEK solution uses RFID to identify the truck trailer and associate it with the BAT ID. This results in increased operational efficiency of the crane operator, eliminating erroneous movements. i-TEK solution is seamlessly integrated with the existing TOS.

Our RFID solution is designed to work in conjunction with your existing system in place, to help you achieve the required ROI. As a whole our solution aims at minimizing the redundant movement and by improving visibility in stacking and retrieving operation.